The Ocean – The Grand Inquisitor
Vinyl design for The Ocean’s ‘Grand Inquisitor’ 10″. 
Featuring tracks from The Ocean’s ‘Anthropocentric’ album, this EP includes the 4 parts of the saga “The Grand Inquisitor”, including the fourth track is not on the album. “The Grand Inquisitor” refers to the new chapter of Fyodor Dostoyevsky: The Brothers Karamazov. I was one of 4 artists selected to visualise the theme and lyrical content on this EP, and choose to create a matching double sided feature. The front cover represents the Inquisitor’s vision of his protection of humanity by taking away their freedom, therefore keeping them happy and ignorant. The opposite side represents the Inquisitor’s vision of what Jesus has done to humanity by allowing freedom.
Silk screened by hand onto 650 gram heavy natural cardboard and strictly limited to 250 copies.
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