SiM - “BBT” Music Video
Directed, designed and animated by Carl Whitbread
Music video I worked on for Japanese band SiM, for the track BBT taken from their album PLAY DEAD.
Each frame of the band members were printed, drawn over, then scanned back digitally to achieve the final result. 
Each frame was exported as a still, then a series of photoshop actions applied to each image (which was batch processed to do all the images at once). The images were then laid out on a template in InDesign and printed. 
I then got to work drawing over the images, referencing the frame numbers to an animatic in order to hit any key moments during the song.

The reason I inverted the images was to save ink and also to keep the true texture of the paper. Once scanned back in, I lined up all the pages in After Effects and inverted them back to the original look. 
I then created a rig which switched the position of the images frame by frame in order to create the movement. The rig allowed me to just swap the pages out without animating everything each time, as the positions never changed.
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